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Next Steps

After your curve is discovered, there are generally three important steps in your journey to diagnosis and treatment: Visiting your doctor, meeting with your orthotist, and locating a certified PSSE physical therapist.

 1. Visit to Your Doctor

An initial scoliosis diagnosis will likely come from your pediatrician or primary care doctor who will perform the Adams Forward Bend Test and measure the curvature of your spine with a special tool called a Scoliometer.  You will then be referred to a spine specialist who will order X-rays  to determine the extent of your curve and your course of treatment.

2. Meeting Your Orthotist

If bracing is recommended, you will be referred to an orthotist. This video serves as a guide to your initial appointment, going over the scoliosis bracing and measurement process.

As "Dr. Mike" mentions, complying with the brace-wearing guidelines and instructions from your doctor can have a significant impact on treatment outcomes.

3. What Should PSSE Include?
  • Patient education on scoliosis

  • Active self-correction

  • Stabilization in the correct position

  • Learning how to hold these positions during daily living

It's important that you follow an appropriate PT regimen with Physiotherapy Scoliosis-Specific Exercises (PSSE). Click HERE to find more information and locate a scoliosis-specific physical therapist in North America.

To learn more about these viable exercises, we encourage you to read Straight Talk Scoliosis – The Journey Continues.

Compliant patients experience more positive results!

VIEW Schroth Method physical therapy presented by Lisa Apple, DPT and the National Scoliosis Clinic.

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